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Since people use search engines to find products both online and at local level, it is important that local company to have high search results for words related to what you sell. Professional online marketing companies offer this service with the name of the search engine optimization SEO. A company can ensure that its website is visible to those searching for the seo for local business product when using a search engine. This sector includes website optimization for search results, but also integrates the function maps a search engine. This applies especially to Google, where the company may be in a list, by mapping and address information giving information to a prospective customer on what to visit the site. It can indicate the phone number and web address. The Customer Service Department will often be available to help someone decide whether interested in the product or service link building strategy revolves around giving a perspective to clients for information about the product or service, and information in general. People will pay a certain level of knowledge about a company and this instills confidence in the consumer.

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The content marketing in the past was often with printed brochures and guides, but today, this can be done with articles and other forms of information on the site of a link building type of marketing can be difficult. Web local business seo search engine marketing techniques refer to a set of methods designed to increase the visibility of a website as defined by the various web search engines. By identifiability, we define the results and ranking of a site as they are returned in the search process through a corresponding machine. The main methods defined by the literature are as follows. The subject of this paper is the description and analysis of search engine optimization techniques and the way companies use it from the Greek and global marketplace to increase their recognition to their buying audience. Also, a small breakdown will be made for other Web search engine marketing techniques, payment based on visits to a website and paid inclusion. These techniques aim to improve the score of a website by improving both the structure and content of the site. The ranking of a web page is determined by the return seo for local business of results returned by a search engine when searching with specific search keys or phrases.

Search engines have developed and use special algorithms that when searched based on certain keywords rank the relevant web pages and present them in use based on the affinity state. Techniques to optimize the visibility of a website are primarily used by people in the product promotion area who want to increase the rating of a company's website to attract a larger buyer. These methods are commonplace to advertise companies through the World Wide Web with the aim of, in this case, the largest market penetration. Methods are also known in other advertising terms such as sponsored search and search engine advertising. The most popular search engines and companies that offer this service to users are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Companies wishing to advertise in this way bind specific keywords that they believe users, the buying public, will look for. For example, a business that sells bicycles may have a bid to bind on the word. Bicycle, hoping that a user who will type the specific word in the search field will see the ad for that particular business, follow the hyperlink that will take it to the business website and buy its products.

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These ads are called sponsored links, sponsored links, or sponsored ads, and appear next or sometimes before the natural search results, as shown in the picture below. Advertised companies pay to the organization that provides them this service only when a user follows their sponsored hyperlink. Prices vary depending on the search engine that offers the service and the keywords each company see here wants to bind, and typically start from US. To US. While prices may be higher for very popular search words. Finally, in addition to searchbased advertising with specific search keys, there is also a contentbased ad category. Many search engines like Google work with websites that allow search engines to place ads of related content companies on their site for a fee.